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Phyiscal Developement - Funky Fingers

What We Do

Children love to be active move their bodies and climb however they should understand that physical activity and healthy food choices are essential for a long healthy life.

The Physical Development area increases possibilities for children to be more engaged and interactive. This area also helps to develop their movement and coordination. The EYFS help children learn the importance of physical activity and making healthy choices concerning food.

To help support all children's physical development, practitioners will provide lots of opportunities for children develop their gross and fine motor muscles whilst at pre-school.

We have lots of large and challenging play equipment including the trim train and climbing frame with slide. We also hold weekly music and movement sessions with Alliance Dance Academy.

To develop fine motor muscles essential for early writing, we provide many opportunities for children to mark make and transfer materials using a wide range of tools. We provide a 'funky fingers' activity each day.

Some ideas of activities you can do at home to support your child's development in this area include:

  • Water play like scooping, pouring and measuring in the garden or the bath
  • Using recycling to make models
  • Play play-dough together
  • Play musical movement games like Musical Statues
  • Draw with water and paint brushes in the garden
  • Build caves and tunnels with blankets

The curriculum is ambitious and challenging for children. Staff know the children well and have a good grasp of how best to support them and build on their knowledge and skills.

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October 2022
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