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What We Do

Children need to discover phonemic awareness. The ability to hear sounds, identify different words and start reading and writing. Children will have an opportunity each day to access phase one or two phonics sessions depending on stage of development.

Children have access to a well-stocked mark making area where they can follow their own creative ideas and start to become emergent writers

The Literacy area develops and encourages children to link sounds and letters, thus reading and writing. We give children access to a wide range of reading materials. Such as books, written materials, and poems to ignite their interest in literacy.

Some ideas of activities you can do at home to support your child' development in this area include:

  • Share a storybook and talk about what is going on each page
  • Play lotto games and matching pictures
  • Make up a song together
  • Hide an object in a 'mystery box' and clue them to what might or might not be inside
  • Break up your name by tapping out syllables on musical instruments
  • Go on a listening walk to see what you can hear

The curriculum is ambitious and challenging for children. Staff know the children well and have a good grasp of how best to support them and build on their knowledge and skills.

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October 2022
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